Strategist • Storyteller • Explorer

When I was in the 5th grade, a career aptitude test determined my goldpicdestiny as a Greeting Card Writer. This was somewhat underwhelming, but actually wasn’t too far off of my dream job at the time, Nail Polish Namer. Today, I’ve learned how to harness my creativity, writing skills, and wit in more fulfilling ways.

As a digital strategist and project manager at Kaleidoscope Management Group, I love to share my clients’ stories with the community. I’ve worked in a variety of content engagement roles and have met some great people at TEDxGatewayArchGistory, HLK, and Mizzou Network. Forever a Tiger, I graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism where I studied strategic communication with an emphasis in public relations.

I love to learn, explore, and try new things. I’m a native St. Louisan, but I enjoy wandering around the city and getting reacquainted. I also like to take a lot of photos, log miles with my running group, and check out every free event or class I can fit into my schedule. I’ve always considered myself an artist and a storyteller. I’m a word nerd, irony admirer, and proud punster.



  • “Liza would often go beyond the usual 9 to 5 parameter when the workflow demanded it in order to make sure our content was always stellar. Her feedback ensured the quality of my posts and pinpointed areas where I could improve, all while leaving me with the confidence to continually take smart creative risks.”

    Matei Stefanescu, former Kaleidoscope intern

  • “I’m a huge fan of Liza Poskin. She has a great attitude, great curiosity and an outstanding skill set. Liza is also a great storyteller. She intuitively understands what is compelling content, and she is able to convey and tell that story … a self-starter of the first order.”

    Jim Flink, Assistant Professor, Missouri School of Journalism

  • “Liza is a very hard worker, determined and focused. She goes above and beyond with what she produces in her writing and design … Liza’s thoughtful personality kept her team moving forward. She listened, stayed calm and had a commitment to excellence.”

    Tanya Heath, Adjunct Professor, Missouri School of Journalism