The Ad Bowl 2013

Considering I’m not a Ravens fan or a 49ers fan… or much a football fan at all to be honest… the ads were definitely the best part of the Super Bowl this year. The ads and Beyoncé. Speaking of Beyoncé, pictured above is one of my favorite display ads from this year, Pepsi’s Halftime Show ad.

So here’s the commercial re-cap:

The most shocking ad goes to Go Daddy for their commercial, “Perfect Match,” advertising the “sexy” and “smart” sides of their company. The ad blew up twitter with #thekiss. All I can say is #ew.


The most heartwarming ad without a doubt was Budweiser’s “Brotherhood,” especially to St. Louis natives such as myself. It caused many “Awwwww”s at my viewing party, but it was kind of a lazy way to get emotional appeal with the trademark tearjerker, “Landslide,” in the background. It’s still cute.


Doritos ads don’t disappoint, but this one was just a little on the weird side. Funny, but strange.


The most clever ads in my opinion were Tide’s “Miracle Stain” and Taco Bell’s “Viva Young.” I like how Tide related their commercial specifically to the teams playing in the Super Bowl and I think a wide range of generations can relate to “Viva Young.”


I thought some of the funniest commercials were the NFL’s “Leon Sandcastle” and “Get Happy” by Volkswagen.


“America Will Be Whole Again” by Chrysler’s Jeep was nationalism at it’s finest. I’m surprised more commercials don’t have Oprah’s voiceover.


One of the most inspirational ads of the Super Bowl was Coca Cola’s “Cameras.” I thought it was sweet and uplifting, but some people got a creepy Big Brother vibe. What do you think?


Samsung’s “The Next Big Thing” was the next longest thing besides the power outage that night. It was like commercial inception for two minutes, which is kind of on the long side, especially for a Super Bowl time slot. Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen were funny, but it almost dragged on and left me wondering, “wait, is this a commercial? Is it still going?”

“Farmer” by Ram Trucks also just seemed to drag on painfully. It was boring and by the seventh “So God made a farmer,” I considered switching channels.


Most ads did a great job integrating the audience by incorporating social media. Oreo asked viewers to “choose your side” – cream or cookie – on Instagram. Coca Cola encouraged America to vote online for the winner of “the Coke chase.” You could even help name the newest baby Budweiser Clydesdale by using #clydesdales on Twitter. Read about how social media chose the name Hope. Hashtags in general seemed to be more popular than ever this year. Commercials also promoted #thekiss, #gethappy, #calvinklein, #herewego, #crackinstyle, #handleit, #miraclestain, and #thenextbigthing.

For lists of the most and least effective Super Bowl ads and what we can learn from them, according to, click here.


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