Strat Comm

Professer Mark Swanson came to our lecture today to talk to us about Strategic Communication at the Missouri School of Journalism. He described advertising as a unique form of art: the art of persuasion.

“Advertising is a mixture of art, commerce, and persuasion.” – Mark Swanson

As the Bob Dylan lyric goes:

Advertising signs they con
You into thinking you’re the one
That can do what’s never been done
That can win what’s never been won

Advertisements tell stories about a brand, inform, educate, and motivate people to take action. Swanson also described advertising as truth well told. The goal should be to be truthful in an interesting and persuasive way.

Advertising also uses many different techniques such as testimonials, endorsement with a celebrity, creation of characters, and piggybacking off of trends.

Sometimes people have a negative opinion of advertising and view it as misleading, destructive to self-esteem or bad for society. However, done ethically and in the right way, advertising can be a great way to market a product and for customers to discover them.


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