A Hard Week

With finals and the end of the semester approaching, the weeks are getting longer and harder, but this one was especially difficult.

I heard about the Boston Bombings on Monday, April 15 while studying in the Student Center. A TV nearby had the news on, and I noticed a crowd start to congregate around it. I watched too, for several minutes, before going straight to Twitter. I wanted to know the whole story, and the TV anchor wasn’t giving me details fast enough. I had two screens going for a while as I learned more and more about the national crisis. I was definitely following @BostonGlobe’s tweets along with my usual @nytimes, @cnnbrk, and @CNN. The tweets kept me updated in between classes and swim practice and I really appreciated the fast and simple access. One night this week, I also briefly watched CBS news coverage of the “manhunt” with my roommate. That was the first time I saw a lot of video of it all. I had seen some photos on Twitter, Facebook, and Yahoo, but the video struck me in a new way. I heard the gunshots and the police tapes. It’s interesting how different types of media can present the same news but have a different impact.

Later in the week, I also learned by word of mouth about the explosion in West, TX. Like the Boston Bombing, I mostly only had time to check Twitter and some other social media outlets to get information.

On a happier note, I want to point out some journalists who really know how to handle crises like these:


It’s been a rough week on Planet Earth… hang in there folks!


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