“Happy” New Year

All anyone really wants out of life is to be happy. These resolutions will be my personal life hacks that will help me choose to be happy every day of 2014 ☺

1. Restore and strengthen friendships

I’ve let too many great people just fade out of my life. Sometimes I get too caught up in day-to-day living and forget to take time to do the simplest things to remind the people I care about that they’re important to me. Going to college, and parting ways in general, creates distances from meaningful people, but I’ve got to make the extra effort it takes to show them they’re still meaningful.

2. Stop making excuses0248a640bd5e0a16dc1b2cdb84fa6bcc

“I don’t have time for that.” • “I’ll do it later.” • “I couldn’t pull off something like that.” • “I’m not ready yet.” • “Someday…”

No more.

I need to admit shortcomings, act now, make time and be confident in myself because the only guaranteed day is today.

3. Smile more

Scientifically proven to make me happier and prettier. And I’ve got a lot to smile about so why not?

4. Try new things

New experiences, new places, new foods… anything. Learn to seize opportunities when they arise because who knows where they will take me, what I will learn or if they will ever come again.

5. Give more, expecting nothing in return

Pay it forward. Help someone who needs it. Volunteer my time, skills and heart. Make someone’s day. Think about other people instead of thinking about myself, because it’s really not all about me. It feels good and it’s good for others. Win-win!

6. Grow in faith

It’s easy to fall off track with this one, but so important to make this a daily goal. If I can get this down, all other resolutions will become much easier!

7. Be Present


This scenario happens more and more often: I’ll be with my friends and the room will grow silent. I’ll look around and everyone is on their phones. It’s common today and it’s slightly disturbing that it is socially acceptable. Whether I’m in a waiting room with strangers or in a room full of friends, I want to work on being present. When there comes an unoccupied moment in life and I immediately go to burry my head into my phone and dive into the digital world, I want to instead learn to embrace the real world passing me by.

8. Forgive more readily

This isn’t easy and is definitely something I need to work on. It’s hard to forgive and forget, especially if you never got the apology, but the fact is, we’re all only human. Forgiveness is not so much about letting the other person off the hook, but more about healing yourself, and I owe myself that. You can never be truly happy while holding a grudge.

9. Express gratitude

Another scientific key to happiness. Simply being grateful for people and things that already surround you and expressing that gratitude is said to have the greatest connection to happiness. In 2014, I want to do a better job of appreciating what I have and letting people know how much I appreciate them.


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