Duracell’s Superbowl Spot is Durable Storytelling


I’m always a sucker for a feel-good ad. In the past few days, a commercial featuring the Seattle Seahawk’s Derrik Coleman, the NFL’s first legally deaf player, has been circulating the web and flooding newsfeeds. The spot tells Coleman’s story of living with partial deafness and making in to the NFL in an inspirational and motivating piece. According to an article by the Seattle Times, Coleman uses batteries, Duracell batteries, to power the hearing aids he says give him the hearing of a 7 or 8 out of 10, compared to the 1 or 2 he says he has without them. It’s a classic story of overcoming adversity and Duracell just so happens to be the force behind it. Celebrity endorsement doesn’t always work and can sometimes be cheesy or forced, but I love how closely the brand is related to the athlete in this spot. It makes Duracell seem more authentic and real. The “Trust Your Power” campaign (Saatchi & Saatchi, New York) speaks to the trust you can have in the power of Duracell and also to the trust athletes have in the power within them. What makes this story compelling is the well-written voiceover. You can hear Coleman’s voice and the slur caused by his impairment, which adds to the spot because it is telling the story of him living with his impairment. The voiceover also uses many words and phrases related to hearing and sounds like in this awesome line: “But I’ve been deaf since I was three, so I didn’t listen. Now I’m here, with the loudest fans in the NFL cheering me on. And I can hear them all.” The timing of this ad is also strategically perfect with its release just a week before Coleman competes in the NFC Championship game this Sunday.


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