In 5th grade, an online exploration test determined the perfect career for me was Greeting Card Writer. This was somewhat underwhelming, but actually wasn’t too far off of my ideal job at the time, Nail Polish Namer. Today, I’ve learned how to harness my creativity, writing skills, and humor in more fulfilling ways. Not that I would be opposed to previously mentioned career paths if the right thing came along… (OPI, Hallmark – I’m looking at you).

Instead, I love what I do as a project manager at Kaleidoscope Management Group. I graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism at Mizzou where I studied strategic communication with an emphasis in public relations. Since then, I’ve worked in a variety of content management roles creating things ranging from strategic communications campaigns to promotional video content.

I love to learn, explore, and try new things. I’m a native St. Louisan, but I enjoy wandering around the city and getting reacquainted. I also like to take a lot of photos, log miles with my running group, spread ideas on the TEDxGatewayArch marketing team, and attend every free event or class I can fit into my schedule.

I’ve always considered myself an artist and a storyteller. Public relations is my sweet spot because it involves so much of what I’ve always loved doing – writing, thinking creatively, and building relationships. I’m a word nerd, irony admirer, and collector of quotes. Puns are intended.


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